Budget Shooter Theater: The Master List!

Throughout 2016-2017, I was doing an experiment that I could say was basically like NESMania but with PC shooters. Someone would request a game, I’d play through it as sort of an endurance test, then eventually move on to the next one, with a review for the game afterwards.

Eventually I realized this particular approach wasn’t really being enjoyable to me, so I abandoned this concept to eventually tackle it again with a different format. A format that is Yet To Be Determined as of 2018.

However, there’s still the list of games that I *did* play, and the articles are over here, if I made one.

# Name Requested by
#1 The Ultimate Doom Me! (Tonic)
#2 007: Nightfire (PC) Bobinator
#3 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (2015 remaster) Me! (Tonic)
#4 Christopher Brookmyre’s Bedlam: The Game Me! (Tonic)
#5 Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Cambertian
#6 Doom II: Hell on Earth LordMisfit
#7 Brink N/A