About the Secret Area

(Wondering where the name came from? Look here.)

Welcome to “You Found a Secret Area,” a blog all about the obscure, the odd, the unknown and other miscellanea about the world of video games.

You will not find this at You Found a Secret Area:

  • Sizzling reviews and previews for the hottest new games. (Doesn’t mean this is strictly retro games only, I like all generations of games.)
  • Stupid console war debates.
  • Internet shows with obnoxious hosts.
  • Articles about boots. (That’s silly.)

What you will find is this:

I hope you enjoy what the site has to offer. This idea was in my head for years before I started it on January 2012, as there was a dire lack of places that cover some of this stuff. I’m not the first to tackle this kind of subject matter, but I hope you find what you see here interesting.

There’s also a Facebook page as well as a (currently dormant) YouTube channel.

I do this strictly as a labor of love, and don’t get paid for my work. If you love my work, leaving a comment, sharing or liking the post helps, but if you really want to support my work, I have a Ko-Fi and a Patreon that you can support. Every little bit helps!

Logo, header and background by Cassidy of the Bad Game Hall of Fame.

About the webmaster: B.J. Brown is a Portland, Oregon native who likes silly things like video game junk, action movies, and dumb television. You can find me on Twitter (@TonicBH). Of course, you could also email me. Because this is the internet, and email will never die.

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    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Congratulations!

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