Support the Site

You Found a Secret Area is a site that I ran for many years as a labor of love. In March 2019, I moved off the free blog to domain hosting at under the paid service, which naturally costs money to maintain.

Thus I started pushing more for pledges to the site. Starting with one service, eventually leading to two, this is an important way for me to get a small amount of income to keep the site afloat.

Supporting the Secret Area this way keeps the lights on, but also shows support for the site in a very important way to me. It’s fairly difficult for a person like me to get a steady paying job, so every little bit helps.

There are two ways to support me right now:

Ko-Fi: A one-time use service where one can pay $3 for a coffee. While I don’t drink coffee all that much myself, it’s a good service for those who wish to just chip in a few bucks just once.

Become a Patron!

Patreon: A monthly service where a minimum of $1 will get you the opportunity to see new Secret Area posts one week before everyone else.

Paypal is also available upon request.