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Unboxing the November 2015 Loot Crate.

Ever have that feeling where you wake up and find out something surprising? That happened to me a while back as I was combing through my scant emails while watching stuff.


I won a free year of Loot Crate. I’ll admit, I was shocked. I rarely win things. I envied a friend of mine who usually stumbled upon getting free stuff all the time. I don’t even remember what contest I entered to win this, but hey, I’ll happily take free Loot Crate for a year.

For the unaware, Loot Crate is a simple subscription service where every month they send you some geeky goodies based on a theme. It’s usually $13/month, though you can go for longer subscriptions that’ll save money in the long run.

A lot of their crates involve a lot of the pop culture geek ephemera that you’d expect. Figurines, shirts and occasional Good Stuff. I’ve had friends with subscriptions to the service and they seemed to enjoy the things they got on offer.

So simple and mysterious… I wonder what’s inside…

The theme of this month’s was Combat, based on various ways to fight the world. As I only casually followed Loot Crate, before I wrote this post, I didn’t even know the stuff that would be in each monthly crate was based on a theme. This is pretty neat, as it gives me a hint of what’s inside the box. The downside is I might get a Funko Pop, which I’m not a super fan of.

But enough about that. What was in my first monthly Loot Crate?

Blizzard Entertainment “Cute but Deadly” blind bag

Somehow realizing I could also find these at Hot Topic or Blizzard’s online store killed the sort of uniqueness this item could’ve given.

Ah yes, the wonders of mysterious toys in sealed bags that may or may not have something interesting in them. Blind bags are fascinating as hell to me, mostly in part due to Ashens’ videos on it. While I’m not a cheeky brit with a mangy old brown sofa, I am a bloody yank with a stained TV tray, so let’s go and check these out.

All of these are based on various Blizzard franchises: Starcraft, World of Warcraft, that sort of thing. I’ll admit I don’t follow much in terms of Blizzard games. I’ve dabbled in a demo of Diablo or StarCraft years back, but I never really followed their stuff like Hearthstone or World of Warcraft. But whatever, the franchises don’t matter, it’s mystery of the blind bag that intrigues me. Let’s crack this sucker open.

I guess there is truth in advertising…

Oh wow. This is the rare orange Murloc advertised on the back of the box and in the Loot Crate booklet for the month. I honestly expected to get the more common Arthas or Kerrigan in the set, but this is a treat. He’s tiny enough to fit well on the shelf of my desk without being too much of a bother. He’s also damn cute, so there’s that.

I wish my luck was always this good. If it was, I’d play the lottery.