Unboxing the November 2015 Loot Crate.

Ever have that feeling where you wake up and find out something surprising? That happened to me a while back as I was combing through my scant emails while watching stuff.


I won a free year of Loot Crate. I’ll admit, I was shocked. I rarely win things. I envied a friend of mine who usually stumbled upon getting free stuff all the time. I don’t even remember what contest I entered to win this, but hey, I’ll happily take free Loot Crate for a year.

For the unaware, Loot Crate is a simple subscription service where every month you get some geeky goodies based on a theme. It’s $13/month usually, though you can go for longer subscriptions that’ll save money in the long run. If you’re into fairly geeky stuff, this might be something worth looking into.


So simple and mysterious… I wonder what’s inside…

The theme of this month’s was Combat, based on various ways to fight the world. As I only casually followed Loot Crate, I didn’t know their stuff was based on a theme every month. This is pretty neat, as it only hints at what’s in the box.

Now for the highlights:

Blizzard Entertainment “Cute but Deadly” blind bag!


Ah yes, the wonders of mysterious toys in sealed bags that may or may not have something interesting in them. Blind bags are fascinating as hell to me, mostly in part due to Ashens’ videos on it. While I’m not a cheeky brit with a mangy old brown sofa, I am a bloody yank with a stained TV tray, so let’s go and check this out.

All of these are based on Blizzard franchises. I’ll admit I don’t follow much in terms of Blizzard games. I’ve dabbled in a demo of Diablo or StarCraft years ago, but I never really followed their stuff like StarCraft II, Hearthstone or World of Warcraft. But whatever, the mystery of the blind bag is intriguing. Let’s crack this sucker open.


I guess there is truth in advertising…

Oh. Oh wow. This is the rare orange Murloc advertised on the back of the box and in the Loot Crate booklet for the month. I honestly expected to get the common Arthas or Kerrigan in the set, but this is a treat. He’s tiny enough to fit well on the shelf of my old desk without being too much of a bother. He’s also damn cute, so there’s truth in advertising.

Fallout 4 Vault Boy bobblehead!


Oh, what timing. I now get my own Vault Boy bobblehead, just like in the modern Fallout games. Alas, this one doesn’t boost my stats, but it does bounce around and feature Vault 111 on the back of the jumpsuit.

Unfortunately I’m fairly poor and irish to afford Fallout 4 right now, so I’ve been playing through Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition to fill the Fallout void and at least feel somewhat hip and up with the times. It’s also been five years since I touched Fallout 3, and I never got to try the DLC. Even though it’s not recent, it’s still a ridiculous time waster.

I appreciate Loot Crate and Bethesda for teaming up on this one, because bobbleheads. Bobbleheads are cool.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder Shades!


They look more like Darth Vader’s dorky cousin than the Shredder…


These are sunglasses shaped like Shredder’s headgear from the TMNT cartoons. Specifically the most recent one, considering the tag on it shows the logo of the recent Nickelodeon cartoon. But alas my experience with TMNT will always be the 80s cartoon series and the trilogy of movies. Nothing was more fun than wearing down that dubbed tape of the TMNT movies on weekends when I was a kid. I’ve watched episodes of the newest one here and there and it’s a pretty solid cartoon for what it is.


My apologies for the menacing selfie. I thought a smiling Shredder would be quite strange.

Now with these shades, I can do my worst 80s-era Shredder impression and proclaim that tonight, I’ll be dining on turtle soup. This is probably the highlight of the whole crate for this month.

Street Fighter: Hyper Looting comic!


I didn’t know Udon was publishing a Street Fighter comic until I got this. I bet it’s pretty good, better than the other Street Fighter comic from the 90s…

Oh wow, a comic book. Featuring the cast of the upcoming Street Fighter V, this comic presumably pits our crew involving loot crates of some kind. Another exclusive, this is published by Udon and sanctioned by Capcom. It’s a bit of bizarre marketing to be sure, but I can find some amusement in it.

Props to Loot Crate for putting it into a protective sleeve and a cardboard back so it doesn’t get mangled while in transit. Now I just need to do the same with some of my old comics. Either that or I could just give away my old Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics since they’re fairly useless…

And the rest…


It’s a geeky smorgasbord!

In addition to a themed pin for the month, there’s also a pin for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II, a Blizzard “Cute but Deadly” magnet set, and of course, their monthly newsletter. The crate itself can also be unfolded into a unique display for those who want to display the goodies in a cooler fashion.

I’ll give props to Loot Crate for starting me with a good first crate. While it would’ve been great to get the October one just for the Back to the Future themed stuff, this works out just fine. I don’t know if I’ll cover every month of these, but it does make good filler posts when I got nothing else to write about.


B.J. Brown

B.J. Brown is the creator and sole writer on You Found a Secret Area. Casually writing since 2010, Fascinated by dumb things like game shows, music, and of course, video games. Also on Twitter. You can support their work on Ko-Fi or Patreon.

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    Possibly odd question.
    Do you know if the sleeve the comic comes in is resealable? It looks difficult to open and I don’t want to do anything to my copy that may wreck the sleeve in case it is?


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