Random digital video game goodies, Volume 1.

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I am a master at image manipulation.

For the past several years, I’ve been collecting my fair share of random video game stuff. Some of which I’ve talked about on this blog, others of which I still need to get around to. But it hasn’t just been physical stuff I find at Goodwills and other places, oh no. It’s also been loads of digital stuff.

Many years ago, back when I had a crappy old HP Pavilion PC with Windows Vista, 2GB of RAM, and 250GB of hard drive space, I was hoarding lots of digital video game goodies. Wallpapers, soundtracks, press kits, the works. That practice continued when I got my current PC in 2013, where I let them lay in my cluttered downloads folder. It didn’t dawn on me until I started moving it to a unique folder on my hard drive that I thought these were worth sharing, just like everything else I do on this blog.

The downside is that I’m slowly rebuilding my collection. When I was on the old PC, there were times where I had to delete some files to save space. So for now, some of the things I had are lost to time, unless I find them again somewhere. If these are still available on the official website, I’ll happily link to where you can get them, otherwise I’ll slap them up on my Dropbox for those who want it.

So let’s clean out my digital closet with these goodies…

Payday 2 wallpapers and posters!


Payday 2 has slowly become one of my favorite games in recent memory. While it’s flawed in many areas, it’s still a fun action-packed ride. For some of Payday 2‘s updates in 2014, Overkill was releasing free goodies to go along with the big Team Fortress 2-style update pages. This included wallpapers for the Shadow Raid mission featuring the Payday crew, a poster advertising the crossover between Payday 2 and Hotline Miami, and the Gage Assault Pack, featuring the smirk of weapons dealer Gage as he holds a FAMAS and carries an M79 on his back.

Thankfully Overkill is damn generous and put these wallpapers on their official website, however they’re only for 16:9 monitors on 1920×1080, so ones with other setups are left in the cold, which is a shame.

Here’s something I’m wondering: Does anyone still rock a 4:3 monitor in this day and age?

You can grab these and some of the wallpapers at Overkill’s fan service page. Some of the individual update pages have more, but not all of them do.

Shadowgate NES ringtones!


I heard these games were notorious for being real dickish to you. I wonder how they got so popular, then…

I didn’t know about this until recently, but there was a reboot for Shadowgate a while back. As I never played any of the MacVenture series of games I can’t say much about it, but developer Zojoi didn’t want to forget the roots of the NES version. So they released a set of ringtones based from the NES soundtrack by composer Hiroyuki Masuno.* Now you can listen to some of those tracks without needing a pesky media player. Or you can pretend you’re the Gaming in the Clinton Years guy and have that Hall of Mirrors track as your ringtone. Either way, a nice treat considering how classic some of that music is.

You can snag those ringtones at the developer’s website here.

(*-Until very recently, no one knew who composed the special music for the NES MacVenture games. Thanks to the Video Game Music Preservation Foundation for solving the mystery of who composed those great tunes. Those guys do the heavy lifting not many others do, and it’s pretty great for a guy like me who loves nerding out about video game music.)

Ubisoft promo wallpapers!

Somehow I found out I had these Ubisoft-themed wallpapers, Twitter, and Facebook icons laying around on a thumb drive. It’s hard to describe without showing it, but here it is:

Man, I don't even know half of these game series shown here.

Man, I don’t even know half of these games shown here.

It’s a smorgasbord of Ubisoft games. Rayman! South Park! Those damn Rabbids! The guy from Trials! Not one, but two Assassin’s Creed protagonists! If I had to guess, this was made for an E3 promotion of some kind, but I’m not sure which year as the files are all dated to January 1, 2013.

I do remember how I got these, though: By doing some dumb hidden object mini-game where you were told to find a character, and getting multiple ones right unlocked these goodies. There might be more of these, but I honestly don’t know where I got them enough to really seek them out.

I guess if you wanna show your love for the French publisher who had quite a rough 2014, with buggy games up the wazoo, here you go. Speaking of Ubisoft, did they ever fix that weird faceless bug in Assassin’s Creed Unity yet?

For those who wish to show your undying love for Ubisoft products, you can get the wallpapers and avatars here. It’s a local mirror since I couldn’t find the original page.

 Final Fight: Double Impact soundtrack!


I always thought combining two unrelated games into a single package was kinda weird…

Finally, here’s some more music. I have to credit Giant Bomb for this one: A mailbag video from April 2010 had them getting dumb energy drinks, a perfect photobomb by Brad Shoemaker, and a promotional item from Capcom to advertise Final Fight: Double Impact. Coming inside of a small foam barrel, it had some pins, a T-shirt of Mike Haggar’s mayoral campaign, and the game’s remixed soundtrack. Said soundtrack came on an actual cassette tape.

Image courtesy of Capcom Unity. Man, they've changed so much in five years time...

Image courtesy of Capcom Unity. Man, they’ve changed so much in five years time…

For those who don’t have tape players, Capcom conveniently put it up online, which you can download in MP3 format. But to quote the late, great Ryan Davis, “Though it will not come on a sick cassette tape.”

I’ve got a confession to make: I’ve never played a Final Fight game. Never was big into beat’em ups, but I heard the original games are pretty awesome. I should probably snag a copy of Double Impact, or the Capcom Digital Collection which has that and several other games. I’d play Final Fight just to know how awesome Mayor Mike Haggar is.

To quote the awesome Jeff Gerstmann, you can grab this at “final fight game dot com slash remiiiiiiiiiiix.”

Well, that’s what I got in store for this. I have more of these, and I’ll certainly be coming back to this when I’ve amassed more digital stuff. Maybe the next one will be a bit more music focused, as that’s what I end up collecting more of.

If you know of any cool digital freebie stuff that’s hard to find, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment, and I’ll happily credit you for the find. After all, sharing is caring. 🙂


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